How Are You Travelling?

We all know working in the ambulance sector can be incredibly difficult at times. Post-traumatic stress disorder alone affects around 10% of all emergency service workers.

That’s why paramedic and union delegate Al Briggs started How Are You Travelling? It’s a casual, monthly meeting of ambos from across the state held at our union office in North Melbourne.

There are no rules or formalities; it’s simply a safe space for people to talk about what’s on their mind. Topics raised include depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug and alcohol issues, and more.

How Are You Travelling? is completely independent and not affiliated to any employer. Any AEAV member can attend and it’s free of charge. In 2016, we’re hoping to roll it out to regional areas too, so people don’t have to come to Melbourne if you need to talk.

"You’ve been looking after everyone else, but who’s been looking after you? Over the years one of the things I’ve learned about emergency service workers is that we tend to think we’re the only ones feeling like this. But it’s not true – come along and you’ll see that you’re not alone."
- Al Briggs

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