St John Ambulance Bargaining Update January 2017

We now have a majority support petition to bring to the Fair Work Commission!

AEAV Members at St John Ambulance Victoria have produced a majority support petition signed by 46 St John Non - Emergency Patient Transport staff!! Well done to those members and delegates that were able to get around and give as many employees the opportunity to sign as possible! The Union has informed St John in writing about this petition.

As you will be aware, under the Fair Work Act 2009, all Australian workers have the right to negotiate with their employer for better wages and conditions.

The Union remains willing to negotiate in good faith with St John as it has done with other private sector employers, ESTA, Ambulance Victoria and the State Government.

St John has provided a written commitment that they did not authorise the anti-union propaganda that was placed on their notice board. In good faith, the Union will remove the social media posts relating to these posters, in order to provide our members the opportunity to commence the bargaining process for a new Enterprise Agreement.

The Union will be scheduling a meeting with St John before the end of January 2017. We will keep members updated of any progress and again thank you all for your efforts and dedication toward improving working conditions, in your industry.

Steve McGhie
General Secretary

United Voice Ambulance Section
Ambulance Employees Australia - Victoria

e: [email protected]
p: (03) 9235 7665

Download a copy of this bulletin here