Sign to protect mental health for paramedics!

Paramedics play a vital role in our community, helping Victorians when they are most in need.

But it's challenging work, with paramedics suffering high levels of burnout, occupational violence, and exhaustion - physical, mental and emotional.

Exposure to trauma is an unavoidable feature of the job, and increases the prevalence of a number of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

That's why paramedics and the AEAV are speaking up about needing the support of the community to win protections for psychological health in the workplace.

Will you show your support for paramedics by signing our petition?


Together we're calling on the State Government to support the better regulation of risks to mental health.

Victoria needs stronger health and safety laws, real regulations in place to ensure the employers have a responsibility to protect against risk to mental health.

Paramedics work hard to help us when we're at our most vulnerable. Now is the time for us to help them.