Risks of Intranasal Ketamine

Ambulance Victoria have recently introduced the use of Intranasal Ketamine as an avenue for pain management, and as a replacement for Intranasal Fentanyl. 

In 2019, approximately 60 paramedics in East Gippsland experienced Ambulance Victoria's botched investigation into Ketamine exposure. The mishandling of the investigation included: 

  • More than 60 paramedics in the region undergoing mismanaged and brutal hair testing
  • Some paramedics being stood down based on questionable hair test results and assumed guilty until proven innocent
  • Extreme stress and distress to all affected
  • Up to twelve (12) month investigations that resulted in unreasonable warnings to paramedics whose tests indicated ketamine exposure was occupational had NOT been ingested

The risk of occupational exposure as a result of the new Ketamine delivery method has increased by 10 - 20 times, yet AV are maintaining their policy of zero tolerance. The additional risk means that steps must be taken. 

The AEAV have written to AV demanding a new approach. A copy of our letter is available below. 


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