Huge public support wins Pam Brunswick her job back

Private ambo and proud union member Pam Brunswick won her job back after 61,883 union members and other supporters signed her online petition to be reinstated.

Pam, who has been a nurse and ambo for 40 years, was taking time off while having radiation therapy and recovering from surgery. That’s when the National Patient Transport Group (NPT) informed her via a letter she didn’t have a job to come back to.

“I couldn’t believe they could do this to any employee,” Pam said. “We’re a company that transports patients in my exact position and helps them, but my loyalty seemed to have been totally overlooked.

“The reason they gave me was that I'd been away from work as a casual for longer than 3 months, and told me to hand in my uniform. But to ignore that I’d been going through breast cancer during that time just isn’t right. At my lowest ebb without any ongoing contact, support or discussion, they have decided to sack me.

“All I wanted was my job back when I have recovered from cancer and ready to return.”

Pam’s fight for justice caught the attention of thousands when it was broadcast on Channel 9’s A Current Affair last May. And, finally, after a deluge of public pressure, the NPT agreed to give Pam her job back. This is the power of people and campaigns. Congratulations, Pam!

An elated Pam said after her win: “I want to thank all the fellow union members for your incredible support and everyone who signed my petition.  It’s a great result!”

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