NPT Union Member Wage Review

Union members are signing up to be part of the monthly wage review under our new enterprise agreement. So make sure you are a member of your union and part of the review today.

Click here to complete your reconciliation to ensure you receive your correct top-up payment.

As part of the approval of our new enterprise agreement, it was found that there were significant issues with the shift penalty system work for around one third of employees, which left those employees worse off than the Award.

To make sure this didn’t happen, NPT and your union agreed to conduct a monthly review of all employee wages to check for this problem and pay underpaid staff a top-up payment to fix the issue.

To request a union review to make sure you get what you are owed, complete the reconciliation form and return to your organiser Lauren Stanely at [email protected] or call 0425 755 903 with any questions.