Income protection

We're confident our new Income Protection scheme will provide peace of mind in the event you are injured outside of work hours or diagnosed with an illness, while also providing additional benefits unavailable in other schemes.

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Note: Upon application height and weight responses are not required for Victorian members.


AEAV leveraged national ambulance membership to negotiate a scheme superior to any other available to ambulance sector employees in Australia.


New Rating Structure:
 Age  Rate
 Up to 40  1.35%  *
 41 -70  1.85%  *
 71-75  2.20%  *
Old Rating Structure
 Age  Rate
 Under 35  1.50%
 35-39  1.75%
 40-44  2.00%
 45-49  2.50%
 50-54  3.00%
 55+  3.25%


  • 90% of your pre-disability income up to a maximum of $2,800 pw
  • Work Cover Top-Up benefits included
  • 14 day waiting period & 28 days for football injuries
  • Option to pay by the month

Additional Benefits:

  • Accidental Death & Capital Benefits

                   $200,000 with dependents
                   $150,000 no dependents

  • Injury resulting in Fractured Bones        
  • Injury Resulting in Loss or Damage to Teeth
  • Accidental HIV, Hep B & C Infection Benefit
  • Rehabilitation Benefit
  • Automatic Acceptance to new members joining prior to 31/08/2020
  • Definition of Salary to include overtime and allowances
  • Covid-19 cover in excess of 21 days
  • AEAV membership fees paid while on cover

While we can’t give individual advice regarding members personal details, we encourage all members to compare our scheme to others on the market.  We think you’ll be impressed.