FMOs Set the Record Straight

VAU’s Danny Hill recently claimed that he won Fleet Maintenance Officers (FMOs) pay parity with Logistic Support Officers (LSOs) through EB negotiations. His claim has angered FMOs, because they won pay parity prior to the EB, with no help from Danny at all. 
FMO Luke Pettigrew said Danny Hill’s claim was news to him.

"Danny never spoke to me, so how would he have the right to say that we're happy with what we got from the EB?"

FMOs are the mechanics who repair and maintain Ambulance Victoria vehicles in rural Victoria. They are often on call during the weekends and at night to ensure rural Victoria has a working fleet to respond to the community safely.
FMO Lyle Sinclair said, "It's not uncommon to get a single officer call out at 2am with a truck bogged on the side of the road. Those calls affect our home-life."
LSOs also perform a fundamental role within AV, and their role is vastly different from FMOs. This is why FMOs securing pay parity with LSOs prior to the EB was a good win, but just the starting point for FMOs.
“I’ve been an FMO for 13 years and this is the first time I’ve had a union actually listen to me,” said Lyle. “We’ve got to speak up. We need people to understand our work, and we need them to back us in too.”
For many years FMOs have gone unheard in the union. Now, FMOs are saying it's time to set the record straight. Unity means fighting for all workers, not just the majority. When we stand together, we win!
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, FMOs couldn't get together in person to strategise ways they can organise to win, so they held a Zoom meeting instead. Over the coming months, members will be hearing more from FMOs and will have the opportunity to show their solidarity with them as they organise for respect and proper pay.
“The only win we did get out of this EB was a working group and independent wage review with the help of AEAV,” said Lyle.
FMOs aren't going to be dismissed and ignored anymore.

They set the record straight at a recent AEAV Zoom meeting that you can watch here.
Stay tuned for further information on how you can support FMOs.