Favourable Outcome For Union Members - NPT Roster Changes At Wantirna

Recently a number of AEAV members attempted to negotiate with NPT with regard to the changes in their rosters at Wantirna Branch. The proposed changes would have left these members with less annual leave and less penalty rate shifts than they were currently working.

The members sought Union advice and together we again attempted to negotiate with NPT on their behalf.

• The Union sent a letter to NPT outlining the Clauses they were breaching from the NPT Enterprise Agreement 2014
• We attended a meeting with NPT in attempt to negotiate on behalf of our Union members
• Finally we posted a Bulletin to make Employees aware of their right to negotiate for a roster change

This was all to no avail so Union members had no option but to lodge individual grievances with NPT in order to negotiate a fair and equitable outcome.

These Union members are to be congratulated on the professional manner in which they conducted themselves and especially for having the courage to stand up for what is right. These members were not seeking anything extra but purely for the right to maintain their current working conditions.

NPT, to their credit, came up with a Roster change that suited our affected Union members and they were successful in obtaining a roster change that allows them their 5 weeks annual leave (due to being classified as shift workers) and a fair and equitable share of penalty shifts amongst them.

It’s great to see how a collective of members can stand together and support each other to maintain their working conditions. Well done and a great outcome both for NPT and our Union members!

If anyone has any queries or requires any further information please do not hesitate to get in contact with your local Union Delegate or contact the union directly on [email protected] or phone 9235 7655.

Olga Bartasek, Organiser AEAV

E: [email protected]

Refer AEAV Bulletin NPT 002 2016

Download copy of AEAV Bulletin NPT 002 - Favourable outcome for Union Members - NPT Roster Changes at Wantirna here