ESTA members win a new agreement

Delegates Marisa, Hakan and Daniel led a fantastic campaign by ambulance union members for a new union agreement that will mean better jobs for ESTA call takers and dispatchers.

By standing together ambulance union members have won pay increases of between nine and 11 per cent over three years, along with various other wins, including leave donation, family and domestic violence leave, an additional 12 hours of compassionate leave, and the creation of two new classifications: Assistant Team Leader and Workplace Trainer.

All of this was achieved within four months of the end of the previous agreement – possibly a new union record!

Marisa said: “I’m really happy with the result. Now we’ve completed our campaign, there’s also a lot more awareness of why it’s so important to be a union member. The reason we’ve got such great conditions is because union members have fought hard for them.”

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