Marisa-Dawn Ryan - Call taker, Emergency Services Telecommunication Authority (ESTA)

Marisa, who has a background in nursing, has worked for ESTA for 3.5 years. Here she describes why she joined her union, and why you should too.

"I joined because I think it’s important to have an organisation behind you which is purely for staff – to represent our needs. We’ve got to make sure that our rights are protected at work, so we can provide the best service for the people of Victoria.

"All ESTA employees need to join our union to make sure we’re together, we’re unified. We’ve got a lot of young employees who may not be aware of how important our union is and how many of our positive conditions have been hard-fought for by union members.

"We’ve now completed our Enterprise Agreement (EA) campaign and I’m really happy with the result we fought so hard for. But it doesn’t stop now – our EA need to be reasserted day to day too. So join now - it’s our union which has our back."