CPD Requirements - Talisium access

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected most Paramedics ability to complete 30 hours of continuing professional development (CPD). Fortunately, AEAV members have free access to the e-learning platform Talisium. 

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Ambulance Victoria is only obligated by the EBA to provide 16 hours of CPD for Paramedics - this leaves members with 14 hours of CPD to complete outside of AV instruction.

AHPRA has indicated that each health practitioner with CPD hours below the registration requirement will need to declare why they have not completed their full CPD hour requirements. Each registration renewal application will be handled on a case by case basis.

To ensure you have done everything in your power to meet registration requirements, you must make every effort to complete your CPD hours before applying for registration renewal.

Registration renewal opens on the 1st of October and closes on the 30th of November. 

In addition, an important part of meeting registration requirements is to maintain a portfolio that documents your learning goals, records all your planned CPD activities, your reflection on how these CPD activities have or are expected to improve your practice and evidence of having completed these activities.

Talisium allows members to import training records from other providers to keep all of your learning history and records in your Talisium dashboard for easy access and exporting. Certificates featuring the logos of globally recognised professional and academic organisations where CPD hours have been acquired are also available through Talisium. You can easily print and export your learning transcripts and certificates through the portal also.

For more information on AHPRA CPD requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, call AEAV on 9287 1713 or email [email protected]

How to log into Talisium:  

Go to: https://unitedworkersunion.talisiumlearning.com

Username: the email you provided AEAV 

Password: Password1 

*Once you have logged in you will be prompted to change your password. 

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