The COVID-19 pandemic has presented Ambulance Victoria and other health service providers with unprecedented challenges. AEAV understands that we have a critical role in this response - to ensure a safe workplace for our members and to assist in developing processes which improve safety for all Victorians.

Subsequently, AEAV representatives have been in consultation with the AV Executive to raise matters of concerns to our members and to discuss changes that could increase safety of health workers.
Key concepts covered during these discussions include:

  • Pre-shift voluntary overtime to provide time for operational staff to review current COVID-19 guidelines, ensure sufficient PPE and to prepare your vehicle
  • COVID-19 location alerts to inform dispatchers, DM’s and operational staff of status of premises, ie. COVID-19 confirmed, COVID-19 suspected
  • Specific COVID-19 Treat and Refer guidelines to empower and support staff to make decisions on scene regarding requirement for transport
  • Fast-track training of appropriate staff for REFCOM duties with COVID-19 specialisation to minimise exposure of operational crews

These discussions have been very productive and we will continue to work with Ambulance Victoria to improve the safety of our members and the Victorian public.

If you wish to raise any health and safety concerns please continue to notify your AEAV on 9235 7777 or via email at [email protected].

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