Clean Up AV Update

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) have released the Terms of Reference for their review into Ambulance Victoria (below). A number of members have expressed their concern about the fact that bullying is not listed in the ToR, which includes - 

"The nature, extent, drivers and impact of discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation experienced by current and former staff and volunteers"

Under the Equal Opportunity Act, the VEOHRC does not have coverage of bullying, except where it relates to another one of their matters (discrimination, sexual harassment etc).

The majority of the bullying cases that we have dealt with at the AEAV could also be viewed as bullying as a result of discrimination, whether because the person being bullied is young, old, female, male, has raised an issue in their workplace or so on. Most of these categories may be a relevant factor in whether or not the case could be dealt with under the Equal Opportunity Act. 

The scope of the review is much broader than a specific complaint with VEOHRC. Because it considers the drivers and impact of discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation, most bullying at AEAV will be considered as a part of the review. 

As always, every individual case is different, and we suggest you speak to us for advice and options about your individual matter.  

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