Casual Conversion

Congratulations to AEAV Patient Transport members Nigel and Leanne, who were the first recipients of casual conversion to permanent positions with Ambulance Victoria.

Leanne and Nigel - PTO's gaining casual conversion

With more than ten years regular service between them, it was starting to look like both Nigel and Leanne were going to get long service leave before they got a secure job. After the introduction of the new EBA and several months of internal lobbying, members recently received formal confirmation of their permanent roles with AV.

Under clause 22, staff at Ambulance Victoria who are in regular and systematic employment for a period of over 12 months may apply in writing for conversion to an ongoing position. Ambulance Victoria may agree to or refuse the request, but the request may only be refused on reasonable grounds and after there has been consultation with the employee.

If you are a regular and systematic casual employee, please talk to the AEAV for advice and support in applying for conversion.

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