Keeping Paramedics and ACO's Safe in Bendigo

Bendigo members again met with AV Management to discuss the rostering of ACO’s into busy Bendigo shifts.  This was a chance for Management to show what changes they are making in response to your concerns.  The short answer is … not enough.

We all understand that sometimes it is impossible to backfill sick leave, and alternate arrangements with ACO’s in rural locations are deemed necessary by Management. However, the implementation of Zoll familiarisation training, observer shifts for ACO’s and a warning at commencement of shift to provide for ACO familiarisation is not enough. Insufficient commitments were made to ensure Best Care and Paramedic/ACO safety and welfare.


Bendigo Ambulance Station

The following controls have not yet been accepted by Management:

  • DSP5 (Emergency driving)
  • Evidenced experience working with paramedics
  • Competency checklist
  • Log book to record experience and capabilities
  • Occupational Violence education
  • Completion of Manual Handling passport
  • RDM initiated warnings where required on Paramedic/ACO vehicles to ensure back-up dispatched on allocation to Code 1 case

In general we feel that the Loddon Mallee RMT is not acknowledging the additional pressure, responsibility and stress placed on a qualified paramedic when working with an ACO in a busy location. We feel that the accepted controls do not go far enough to support you.

This is about Best Care. This is about Paramedic/ACO and patient safety. We must ensure we have the resources and training required to safely complete paramedic work at busy rural locations. 

We will be meeting with Management again in the coming weeks and we would like to leave them in no doubt that you will not accept a process that fails to implement reasonable steps to mitigate the risks.



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