AV ignores impact of spares

Last week AV provided their EB proposal for an in-principle agreement. Of particular note is that while the RSRP model will be written into the EB, AV has made no offers or proposed any protections for staff who do not wish to travel in their own time, be contactable outside of hours or use their own vehicle.

This means that the current situation regarding non-RSRP/SRP spares will continue with no indication that AV are willing to discuss the issues at this stage. This will result in non-RSRP/SRP’s still having to work excessive overtime and being sent to single officer branches, which is a requirement that is both onerous and impactful on physical and mental health.
To provide us with a solid understanding of the issues it is imperative that we get your feedback in our Spares Impact Survey. So far we have had an excellent response, but the more we get, the better our understanding of all staff’s concerns when we provide a submission to AV.

Click here to have your feedback included.
This is a significant issue right across AV and we do not want to see another EB slip by without AV making any commitment to improve the protections. As a result this survey is open to everyone, irrespective of your current affiliation. 
The survey has been prepared by paramedics, for paramedics and the results will be presented to AV by paramedics.