AV Bullying and Harassment

On the back of the agitation around bullying and harassment that the AEAV started in Gippsland in September, and the further pressure by the VAU, Ambulance Victoria have requested an independent review of claims of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and bullying of women within the organisation. 

AEAV Secretary Brett Adie said "Ambulance Victoria's culture around allegations like these has been one of cover up, inadequate investigation and protecting the people against whom complaints have been made. It is essential that we recognise that this is broader than just gender discrimination, it relates to management practices and a bullying culture across the organisation."

The AEAV have written to both AV and to the VEOHRC* to ensure that the independent review consider all the matters that act to create a culture of inequality and exclusion. 

Our correspondence to Ambulance Victoria is here

Our correspondence to the VEOHRC is here. 

*VEOHRC - Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission 

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