AV Bargaining Update - 21 November 2019

Effective bargaining is critical to improving conditions at AV. Our current agreement is now 6 months overdue, and there are pressing issues affecting AV employees that should have been dealt with as a matter of the utmost urgency. A 6 month delay with minimal progress is too much. Examples of issues your AEAV will be prioritising are: 

1. Spares: Since 2011 AV have been increasing paramedic numbers at rural branches to create a ‘Rural Reserve’ by stealth. This has had a significant negative impact on many paramedics. This issue has been tabled during bargaining but there has been minimal discussion. The RSRP model does not afford all rural ‘spare’ paramedics sufficient protections when they are inevitably rostered as super-nummary. Spares will still exist and AV has not agreed to rules governing the treatment of these staff. The RSRP model has been trialled and has been shown to have no positive impact for spares who do not fit within the model. 

2. Evidence based Drug and Alcohol policies: Currently, the system to test for Ketamine does not reflect evidence based policy or practice, or even acknowledge the possibility of environmental exposure. This is not good enough, and exposes Paramedics to an unacceptable risk of a positive result and subsequently being stood down. 

3. Internal Recruitment: The process that has been in place since January is unfair and does not comply with the VPSC Employment Standards. It is critical to all staff that there is a consistent, merit based and transparent process in place that ensures the most qualified candidate is successful. 

The AEAV are calling on Ambulance Victoria to work with members to resolve these concerns as a matter of urgency.


The AEAV is committed to resolving disputes and grievances professionally and in a timely manner. Members can contact AEAV for a confidential discussion with a union representative and, if required, your seconded state councillor. At all times you will receive advice from an expert in legal and industrial matters. 


A number of members have volunteered to be interim state councillors under the rules of the AEAV during the rebuild process. Early in 2020, AEAV will call for official nominations and conduct elections for all 39 state councillor positions, as well as a Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the AEAV.