Ambulance Victoria

Claire Mullett - MICA Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria

Claire has worked in the sector for seven years. Here she describes why she joined her union, and why you should too.

"When I joined Ambulance Victoria, union organisers came to my station and spoke about the importance being a part of our union. I joined straightaway, for two reasons.

"On a personal level, I felt that it would be good to protect myself and my colleagues. But on a bigger scale, I also wanted to support the fight for things like great maternity leave conditions. I might not benefit from these things necessarily, but other people will.

"It’s good to contribute to that because even if it’s not directly helping me it’s helping our team and I wanted to give to that with my time and my money.

"You should join too, because our union is such a great resource to have. By joining together we have the power to defend our rights. You might have a great run for a few years where you don’t have any trouble, but other people need help, so it’s a good thing for everyone in the workforce to be together and support each other.

"Our union isn’t just a few people in a building – it’s us – it’s everyone. And everyone needs to join for our union to be effective."