AHPRA CPD Requirements

In late September United Workers Union wrote to the Chair of the Paramedicine Board of Australia on members behalf regarding the requirements around demonstration of CPD hours accumulated during the 2020 registration period.

A number of members from around the state have raised concerns regarding access to formal CPD learning during the restricted working environment experienced as a result of COVID-19.

On 21st October 2020 AEAV representatives joined representatives and officials from our broader union across Australia, and met with AHPRA Paramedicine Board Chair, Professor Stephen Gough ASM and Executive Officer, Paul Fisher to discuss CPD requirements for our Paramedic members.

AHPRA recognises the impact that Covid 19 has had on the ability of many to complete the required 30 hours of CPD – including the 8 hours of Interactive CPD.  To this end, AHPRA have advised that whilst there is still a clear expectation that CPD be completed, "no action will be taken should a registered paramedic not meet these requirements due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic".

You are still required to make an honest declaration in relation to the CPD you have completed, and this, along with your hours already logged, must still be submitted to AHPRA.  There is no minimum CPD hours that you must complete in the 2020 registration period.

AHPRA have also suggested that Paramedics think outside the box in terms of what the interactive component of your CPD looks like, e.g.:

  • Interactive online events such as Skype calls, video conferences
  • YouTube videos
  • Several paramedics read a journal article and discuss in a small group session
  • Accessing the Union provided Talisium learning portal and undertaking short courses https://unitedworkersunion.talisiumlearning.com/#/login

The important element will be the reflection on the training that has been undertaken.

AHPRA has also advised that for those with dual/multiple registration, if the CPD undertaken in the role of RN matches the scope of the paramedic role, then it can be counted as CPD for both roles. 

We have also asked for sufficient notice of any return to the normal CPD requirements, so that Paramedics can plan their CPD accordingly. 

The AEAV as part of the United Workers Union will continue to meet with AHPRA to raise issues that are important to our members.

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