AEAV - AV Recruitment Update

On Friday the 6th of December 2019 the AEAV sent a letter to Ambulance Victoria CEO, Tony Walker, regarding the current recruitment procedures. A copy of the letter can be accessed here.

This letter was prepared after numerous concerns had been raised with AV by our members. Despite these concerns the process has been allowed to continue and the inconsistencies have continued. Members have indicated that they have suffered significantly, both financially and mentally as a result of the inconsistencies and the lack of transparency.

In summary, the AEAV has highlighted a number of issues which we believe are in contravention of the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s (VPSC) Employment Standards. Specifically we have identified the following standards as being of concern:

  • Fair and Reasonable Treatment
  • Merit in Employment
  • Reasonable Avenue of Redress

As a result we have called on AV to voluntarily submit their process to the VPSC for review and implement any resulting recommendations. AEAV have also offered AV assistance in developing the redress processes to satisfy VPSC standards.

We have asked for a response from AV by the 16th of December 2019. Once we receive a response AEAV will consider if any further action is necessary.

If you would like to assist AEAV in holding AV to account for their recruitment procedures then please email [email protected]