40km/hr Speed Limits when passing Emergency Vehicles

In December 2014, AEAV State Councillor Matt Pearce from Ararat proposed the Union begin campaigning for 40km/hr speed restrictions around accidents and while passing emergency vehicles, a measure which existed in South Australia. The proposal was endorsed by AEAV State Council.

Since then State Councillors Matt Pearce and Simon Walsh from Bairnsdale have been working hard to bring this to reality. Simon has been representing the AEAV on a specially formed working group dealing with this issue. Other unions and emergency services have also been involved including Ambulance Victoria (AV) who have been in favour of this change.

The work also coincided with efforts by The Police Association Victoria who have had members severely injured and killed on roadways by passing vehicles.

The Union is pleased to report that the Roads minister has given preliminary support to the following draft clauses to be included in the Victorian Road Rules in 2017 (see attachment). Once amended, drivers passing any emergency vehicle with beacons activated will have to slow to 40km/hr until a safe distance away.

The Union wishes to congratulate and thank Matt Pearce and Simon Walsh for their efforts in bringing about a safer workplace for paramedics. We also acknowledge AV for their involvement in the change, in particular Nick Thresher from Driving Standards and Anna Landy from AV Legal Department.

Danny Hill
Assistant Secretary

United Voice Ambulance Section
Ambulance Employees Australia - Victoria

e: [email protected]

Download copy of this bulletin here